Penal law zone

As far as penal cases are concerned, we offer our Customers, first of all, a substantial legal information, representation at every stage of the procedure, including procedural activities, and we also submit useful evidence motions. Penal cases frequently cast a shade over the whole future life of the Customer, so we carry them out with a special attention and devotion, offering also an assistance of a psychologist. Our legal assistance in this area includes among others:

  • participation in preparatory/court proceedings as a defence attorney of the suspect
  • participation in procedural activities including among others: interrogation of the suspect, witness, or expert
  • participation in actions aimed at an agreement with the person in charge of preparatory proceedings upon the motion for judgement without a trial based on art. 335 of the Penal Procedures Code
  • drawing up a motion for a discontinuance / conditional discontinuance of the proceedings
  • drawing up a complaint against a detention
  • drawing up a complaint against an application or change of the preventive means, including also the temporary detention
  • drawing up a motion for transferring the case to mediation
  • drawing up a notification about the commitment of a crime
  • participation in preparatory proceedings as a defence attorney of the victim
  • drawing up a subsidiary bill of indictment / private bill of indictment
  • drawing up a motion for a voluntary subjection to a penalty based on art.387 of the Penal Procedures Code
  • drawing up appeal means – appeals, complaints, cassation, motion to reopen the trial
  • drawing up an objection against a judgement by default or against a penalty order.
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