Family zone

Our Office conducts our Customers’ cases related to the family law with a full engagement. We know how important court solutions are important in this area as they frequently significantly affect the rest of an adult’s life. Hence we try to approach our Customers in an individual way and follow their wishes and good when drawing up the procedural strategy. We also co-operate with psychologists and detective agencies. Especially for the needs of Clients requiring advice connected with family law we run a blog Our legal assistance in this field refers to, among others, the realisation of cases concerning:

  • divorce
  • separation
  • deprival / limitation of the parental authority
  • maintenance
  • contacts with children
  • confirming/denying the paternity
  • adoptions
  • confirming/denying the maternity
  • acknowledgement of a foreign divorce judgement
  • division of assets
  • confirmation of the inheritance left after a defunct person
  • division of the inheritance
  • compulsory portion of inheritance
  • acknowledgement of an inheritor to be unworthy of the inheritance.
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