Civil law zone

Our Office works our an individual and unique procedural strategy for every Customer, helping also assess the legal situation in a real way. We ensure a complex realisation of negotiations, drawing up draft agreements, and participation in their finalisations. Our legal assistance in this area includes among others:

  • drawing up and evaluating agreements
  • negotiating agreements
  • drawing up legal opinions
  • claims ref. payments
  • vindication of compensations and benefits
  • realisation of real estate register books cases
  • vindication of claims connected with the execution of failure to execute agreements
  • vindication of receivables at the stage of court procedures, proceedings to secure claims and execution cases, as well as sending out payment demands to debtors
  • running all cases connected with the widely understood material law (usucaptions, asset divisions, ownership protection, and others)
  • conducting procedures in the field of the labour law and social insurance
  • conducting procedures in the field of the protection of personal assets
  • vindication of claims resulting from warranties and guarantees
  • conducting procedures referring to all types of consumers claims (prohibited contractual clauses, incompliance of goods and the agreement, agreements concluded in a remote way).
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